Wednesday, August 18, 2010

 These three kids are doing a wonderful thing over the next school holidays They are hoping to raise $5000 by collecting Donations, running a  massive raffle and from sponsorship. They have designed a T Shirt with the above picture on the front and any business that donates $50 or more gets there business name printed on the back. This is the predominating event in our family's life at the moment according to Beau. .Beau is my youngest son, Elly and Flynn are his best mates. Elly is the organising force behind the walk, having already walked 127km from Albury to Corryong last year for the same cause. It won't be easy as you can see from the map.
There's a bit of a Mountain in there somewhere. They still have a bit of sorting out to do yet. They were hoping for a little help from Sports stores and other shops for the shoes and clothes they will be wearing but I suppose they are all a little tired of being asked for donations from everyone trying to raise money. Anyway one way or the other they will get everything they need and bright and earlyish on the 19th of September they will set off on their big adventure. If you live somewhere along the way they would appreciate you coming out to cheer them on or even walking a little bit of the way with them. If you want anymore information you are quite welcome to email me.

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Chris said...

Way to go Beau and friends!!!....It's a great thing you are doing.