Thursday, May 19, 2011

The other family members.

Just in case you missed the furry members of the family....... Machicho and Fred are very good friends and rub along really well together.
    Fred started it!!!! Honestly he did and not 2 minutes after I took this photo he was the one on top!!
                                                      Cato just looks on from a safe place.
                                              And the Rats look on from an even safer place!


Enchanted Moments said...

Jackie, they are just cat food arnt they?
(Im being silly, ....sort of..)

HAZEL said...

Umm! You are doing science experiments? *shiver*

Anonymous said...

What a great fury family, dogs n cats n rats,all living in harmony.......??? I hope :o) love the little rats tiny eyes he does look a tad scared. xxx

Chris said...

Just one big happy "hairy" family then??...thanks for sharing J...they're all really very cute! xxx

Pam said...

Oh my look at lovely Cato all growed up now! and Machicho still looking as sweet as ever. Fred has settled in very well by the look of things. They're all adorable Jackie, even the little squeakers. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for sharing these lovely pics.What a cute 'Fur-kid' family you have! :) BTW, I think this is the cutest rat I have ever seen! Although, I won't swap my dogs for rats just yet! lol
Barb x