Monday, May 23, 2011

In the garden and other stuff

I finally managed to get out in the garden a couple of days this week. The fog lifted reasonably early and the sun was warm. This little Blue Tongue was enjoying the sun as well until Machicho found it. We caught it and put it outside the fence so she couldn't get it but it was back in the yard the next day.
Yesterday afternoon the sky darkened and the rain started putting a stop to the gardening. At least it is warmer now!!
Since the days have turned cold the cats snooze on the lounge all day. I'm not sure how comfortable Fred can be all twisted around like this!
Lots of rain due this week so it's a good excuse to stay in the sewing room and hopefully get something done.


Enchanted Moments said...

I love that fence very much!

HAZEL said...

I too love that fence very much! It is another bit of inspiration for my outdoor kitchen...gotta get started soon.

Anonymous said...

That is some fence Jack, and we to have the rain and it is so cold, I would love an old cooker for the fireplace in the kitchen, to keep it warm. Love Fred he looks very cozy in a yoga sort of way.