Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boys and their toys

Monday night during the Winter is Carpet Bowls night. I have had a team for over 12 years and last year my son Beau and his friends put together a team. Because two of his team live quite a way out of town they stay with us and it is so nice having the boys here. It is good to have more than the three of us at the table for dinner and the boys fit in as if they are part of the family. So here is Beau's team on Monday night, the three boys and Elly (you can just see her legs behind Woodsy) trying to make a toy gun shoot foam bullets better than it did. They pulled it apart and much to the cats and dogs delight had no idea how to put it back together again. It's still in bits on the lounge room floor.  Woodsy and Flynn have put in an order with me for one of these guns each for their 18th Birthday's!


Jenny's Craft Place said... do the kids get home if they beat your Nice to see them having fun :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Jackie said...

I'll tell you Monday night after we play them!! lol

Anonymous said...

Good fun and everyone is safe and sound at home, a nice warm feeling hey ?