Friday, June 24, 2011

Good things.

Good things come to those who wait and it did!! Yesterday Ben gave me my Mother's Day present and as you can see they are the most amazing rusty old scales you will ever see. They are Mercury Scales and we have no idea how old they are but do know they originally came from an old Pie Factory.  Now I just have to find somewhere for them to live.


Chris said...

Hiya J
You know how I am always willing to help solve a problem???...Well, I am here to help you find somewhere for them to live....they can come and stay at my place rent free as long as they like...hee hee!
Have a great weekend xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

Wow! These scales are gorgeous- I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot! Enjoy!
Barb x

Anonymous said...

Well now you are the lucky girl aren't you you have a hubby that "Gets it" no slippers for you, I am jealous much, :o) I see red Geraniums sitting on them....