Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Cat's Life

Cato is not generally a cat that will cuddle up on your knee but this morning that's where she was determined to be. It probably has something to do with the day outside.....windy, wet and generally miserable.
She started off here getting her belly scratched, it's her very favourite thing though it doesn't look very comfortable.  She is curled up on the chair now all warm and comfy and definitely settled in for the day.
This is another favourite spot for sleeping, The Rats are curious and try to get as close as possible. They have no fear at all but I think she is over caged rats, though probably not free range rats. I am not about to test that theory though!


HAZEL said...

I love that look cats get on their faces for photos.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Cato looks very much like one large feline with attitude that resides with us, they have a way of owning everything don't they....umm brave little rodents, love the little guy standing up to get a better look see, too funny.

Lindy said...

that Cato is just a delight, the sheer look of pleasure on his face is priceless.....and OMG those rats !! it is amazing how two enemies (cat & Rat) can live in such harmony,
love reading your blog, Jackie, keep up the fab work.
Lindy xx

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