Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soup and Sewing machines

I am a firm believer in if something is meant to be it will be. I have been eyeing off an antique sewing machine in the local second hand furniture shop for a few months now but having decided that I really didn't need anything else in the house (mainly because I have run out of room) I have resisted the urge to make it mine. Popped in just to fill in some time before an appointment on Friday and it was still there right next to a very sweet little table. Once again I was strong and walked out the door.  Friday night Beau tells me he will definitely be moved out by the end of October if not sooner and there you go, more decorating space is suddenly available!!! Poor husband got dragged out Saturday morning in the rain and cold to help me load the machine and the table on the back of his work ute. Neither cost an awful lot of money and they will sit in the shed until Beau finally leaves home but that's OK I can wait.
c1890 Wheeler and Wilson Treadle Sewing Machine
This will be perfect beside a bed with a little sassing up

As a thank you for dragging husband out I made him a big pot of Pumpkin soup for dinner
And Cornish Pasties complete with homemade pastry
Perfect for a cold wintery night I think.


simplestitches said...

nice purchases!

Enchanted Moments said...

Nice pasties....gotta love a homemade pastie...I will have to have a go at them one day....and also , yay on the nice sewing machine purchase....I too have run out of room...but dream of the day one day soon I will have more room to play and display....

Chris said...

So you got it...good onya Jackie!!

Very nice...and the pasties and soup look yumm too!! xxx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

They look definitely worth the wait! Congrats :) Happy crafting, Jenny

quilary said...

Love your sewing machine - I'm waiting for "more room" (hint, hint, kids) in my house for one of those looks so delicious too - just perfect for these freezing days!

Anonymous said...

"What will be will be" and as it should be I think by the look of those beautiful finds !! well done girl, funny how all it takes to keep the hubby's happy is good home cooked tucker, yummm

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Wow! Enjoy your new purchases. BTW, the soup and pasties look delicious- just perfect for cold winter nights!
Barb x