Saturday, October 1, 2011

Home Again

On Monday I took Nicky(my eldest), Beau (my youngest) and his girlfriend Nat over to Lakes Entrance for a few days to visit my Mum. There really is nothing more depressing than the coast when it is raining, which it did nearly every day. We did manage to get some Op Shopping done (there are 7 in lakes) went out for lunch at Metung which is about half an hour away , went for walks between the rain and generally just relaxed. It was nice just to get away and spend some time with some of my family.
I was very very slack with the camera, probably because it was so wet but did manage to get one of Machicho  relaxing in her new Bandana. There is a new collar too, pink with daisies on it but Beau has flat out banned me from putting it on her!
Yesterday I stopped up on top of the Mountain Road we travel on to get home and took a couple of photos from the car (yes, it was raining!!!)

There are so many dead trees along the road, a legacy of the bush fires a few years ago. I always cross my fingers for the hour and a half over the mountain  hoping that there won't be a tree across the road.

But it is a pretty drive and usually the road is really good. Yesterday it was a slow trip because the road was greasy and any acceleration just sent you sliding all over the place and in some spots there isn't much road to do that on so we just took it gently for most of the way.
So, home again. This morning was catching up on washing and tidying up a bit. . I raided Mum's garden while I was there and have heaps of bits and pieces to plant in my Garden over the weekend and there are three Open Gardens here this weekend and if there is a break in the weather Husband and I will go take a look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
I'm glad you enjoyed your break away- even though it was wet! It's always great to catch up with family. BTW, Machicho looks so cute wearing her bandana- I'm sure the pink daisy collar will look fantastic too! Barb x

Lindy said...

glad you had a great time away..those mountain photo's bring back great memories of that road that we all travelled on to get to our coastal holiday's together..remember ?? Machichio looks sooo cute.