Sunday, October 9, 2011

This is where your milk comes from.

Yes he drank all the milk again so we toddled off to the farm a little earlier than last time.  

These three were patiently waiting for their turn. I'm not sure if the tongue is sticking out on purpose or not

Another trio. They are such curious creatures.

The business end of it all

Flossie is always willing to pose although it took five tries to get this one. She is very easily distracted and kept moving

Keeping an eye on things.

More of the farm on A Feast for Crows


quilary said...

My Uncle ran a dairy farm at Buckajo and I can picture a little me in most of those photos - you must have been at a 5yr olds height to get those looming cattle shots! The country looks so lush and green!

Vic said...

Man... I can smell the dairy from these pictures... it's a, erm, unique smell, isn't it? ;)

The Moonlit Stitch said...

LOL-don't ya hate it when cows make faces when having their picture taken? I remember catching my little girl licking eggs from the ice box when she was a toddler - had to tell her where they come from...she didn't believe me. Have a good week! ~*~Lisa