Friday, December 9, 2011

Makeovers and Steampunk Doll

It's been a busy week here although it should have been relaxed and cruisy. I headed out to the Caravan we use as a spare room the other day to give it a bit of a clean and ended up doing a mini make over. These mini make overs are becoming a bit of a habit I think (Remember the Laundry?)
So I painted all the ugly brown Laminate walls, made new curtains and blinds and pulled out the Queen size knitted blanket I got for $5 at an Op Shop and ended up with this........

The Blanket isn't really the most beautiful thing in the world, Well it would be Ok apart from the Lime green squares but it does the job.
That distracting table was next and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

Yesterday I was going to sit and play with a heap of photos I had taken. I wanted to see what a few looked like in Black and white. It took me all afternoon to resize the ones on this Post. Photoshop was being very uncooperative to say the least. So maybe today things might go a little better.
I did manage to get the photos of my Steampunk doll done and posted on to Cloth Doll Artistry for the Challenge. She turned out very well.
Presenting Mrs Cog.

There are new photos on a Feast for Crows today as well. Playing with Black and White.


Pam said...

lol. No wonder you're so tired at night Jackie!!! Pretty good spare room for a caravan I have to say! Though you're probably right about the lime in the blanket. It's a colour I rather like, but it doesn't quite fit in that one.
Omg, I love that table! Good job you!
and your doll is just gorgeous. How clever are you Jackie? Don't think she's what I was expecting, not that I know what I WAS expecting. A very prim steampunk doll if ever I saw one! Will we be seeing a series in the near future do you think? lolol. xxx

Becc said...

well done on the caravan makeover, I actually dont mind the lime squares at all. Love the table & although I dont know what a steampunk doll is, she looks fantastic, dont wear yourself out before christmas!

Julia said...

well done on the makeover, it does look great! And so does that table! You're a very busy lady!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

wowo Jackie your make over is perfection, I LOVE what you have done, I also LOVE your Steampunk Doll and I am posting Mrs Cod on CDA also, I love how you did her face.Thank You for sharing !!! Hugzs Sherrie

Anonymous said...

Wow! The table is just gorgeous! :) Barb x