Monday, May 23, 2011

In the garden and other stuff

I finally managed to get out in the garden a couple of days this week. The fog lifted reasonably early and the sun was warm. This little Blue Tongue was enjoying the sun as well until Machicho found it. We caught it and put it outside the fence so she couldn't get it but it was back in the yard the next day.
Yesterday afternoon the sky darkened and the rain started putting a stop to the gardening. At least it is warmer now!!
Since the days have turned cold the cats snooze on the lounge all day. I'm not sure how comfortable Fred can be all twisted around like this!
Lots of rain due this week so it's a good excuse to stay in the sewing room and hopefully get something done.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The other family members.

Just in case you missed the furry members of the family....... Machicho and Fred are very good friends and rub along really well together.
    Fred started it!!!! Honestly he did and not 2 minutes after I took this photo he was the one on top!!
                                                      Cato just looks on from a safe place.
                                              And the Rats look on from an even safer place!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Leona's Quilting Adventure Give Away

Leona's Accuquilt Go Baby giveaway is one you really don't want to miss. Hurry over to here and enter now.

The Price of Fame?

One day in the future people will look back  at us and just shake their heads. Everyday too many young people are dying senseless and unnecessary deaths through escalating random violence on our streets, war, cars, drugs, alcohol and taking risks because they believe they are invincible. On the weekend another young man died not because of an act of violence, a drug overdose or reckless driving but to get his picture up on the internet. Planking?? I don't understand it at all and to take the risks that some people are just to have your picture on the internet is just beyond my brain. Young people and probably some not so young risk their lives doing all sorts of stupid and dangerous things just to get their 2 minutes of fame somewhere on the internet and I don't understand that but Planking??? This is just a whole new level of senseless risk taking!!!!  Can someone explain it to me please?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Perfect Day

This Mother's Day I indulged myself and took the first step back into Quilt making. I had a lovely day in the sewing room playing with fabrics and patterns. I really do need to get a new Rotary Cutter blade though.  Now comes the hand quilting.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quilting bug

 Over at Its Sew Kiki is a Give Away of gorgeous Flannel Fabric. Now I'm not usually one to go looking for Give Aways but since I've been a follower of Quilary's Blog and drooling over the gorgeous fabrics she keeps adding to her stash I have decided to gather up some fabrics by fair means or foul. I have been a Quilter for many years but that's been neglected while I have been doing other things. The bug has been awakened and there are fabrics and ideas being pulled out everywhere. Now I just have to get a little more organized time wise and try and fit in the Website, the garden, the house and my newly awakened passion for Quiltmaking. Also have to remember NOT to go looking at all those lovely places with hundreds of Fabrics for me to purchase cause that just leads to a whole lot of trouble.