Friday, September 28, 2012

Jam-Small achievements

Spring is really making itself felt here this week with fluctuating temperatures and lots of windy days

 The garden is starting to look like a garden again with new growth and Spring flowers appearing overnight

 Some things are later than usual and others seem to be earlier than they have been in the past. That's the thing about gardens though, surprises everyday.

  Small achievements this week. One of Beau's rats was very sick and looked like she wouldn't make it but with patience and lots of care she has made a full recovery. With all the handling she has had this past week she no longer bites every time a hand goes near her, which is a bonus.

 Yesterday I handed in my last Assessment tasks for Cert III. Now I just have to wait and see if I passed them all. It will only be a matter of correcting them and sending them back in if I did anything wrong. So it will be on to Cert IV next week.

 And one quilt started for Christmas, just waiting on some backing fabric to move on with it. It is Grand Final day here in Victoria tomorrow so guess where I will be all day.

Today the radar looks like this and there has been strong wind since 1am this morning. Where was I at 1am this morning? Out shutting the shed doors so they wouldn't bang and rattle and I could go back to sleep!
Needless to say I will be doing inside jobs today.

How has your week been? Join in with Jody and tell us what you have been up to.


Anonymous said...

The garden is looking lovely Jackie and I am happy to hear your pet ratty is allll goooood, gotta be happy with that. Good luck with cert IV. ummmmm I'm thinking commiserations are in order regarding the footy ?? if so I'm sorry :o(. Happy week ahead Jackie.

Andrea said...

Hi Jackie,Your garden's looking great (don't you just luv spring)are those crab apples with the pretty pink blossom? BIG bonus not getting bites from a rat I say !! glad his recovered.(used to have a pet rat myself many years ago)
Cold, windy and wet here for the Grand Final, good day to stay inside and sew, I've made up heaps of labels for my preserves and I'm finally on my last batch of marmalade.
Best of luck with your Cert's.....X