Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Orchids and procrastination.

I'm supposed to be studying today but on a perfect Spring day it is very hard to stay chained to the computer. I have been out and put a little round-up along the fences, weeded a bit of garden and mowed some lawns. Now I am hot, sticky and definitely in no mood for study.
I thought I would share my surprise post birthday present with you instead of reading about the absolutely riveting subject of Team Leaders and their responsibilities. Such is the art of procrastination.
Last night was my second Community Liaison Meeting and Edna came and picked me up with these gorgeous orchids in hand. I usually get one like this from her every year. This year it is to hold me over until she remembers where she put the gift she brought me for my birthday. She did tell me that it is something to add to my collection of Violet China so I am looking forward to when she does find it.
It was her birthday yesterday and she was 70 something. 78 I think but I gave up trying to keep up with her age years ago. She really is an amazing women, remember when she went horse riding ?  I gave her a pretty floral scarf that she loved, I don't think she gets pretty things as gifts very often. She is Secretary of the Corryong Sporting Complex and is going to wear it Friday night when she goes to do the raffles. Said she will feel very 'swish' in her new scarf. Now, Edna doesn't play sport, drink or play the pokies but when the Sporting Complex couldn't fill the position of Secretary she immediately put her hand up to do it. This is on top of Volunteering at the Information Center,  selling raffle tickets for any club that asks whether she belongs to it or not, Volunteering at Op Shop and the myriad of other things that she quite happily does for the Community. I wish I had half her energy!!!


Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Beautiful Orchids!
Edna sounds like an amazing woman.
Hope you are well xx

Chris said...

Wow...go Edna!
Geez Jackie....now I dont feel so bad. I just remembered that I cant remember where I put your birthday present either (tongue in cheek)... Just kidding...you know I am just a totally slack friend who nowadays is lucky to remember to get dressed before she walks out the door to work of a morning...(hee hee ...fixed that though...easy-peasy...just go to bed already dressed...saves heaps of time in the morning too!...lololol)

But seriously though...well... no... sorry ..you know me....I just can't think of anuything serious to say...xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Andrea said...

Edna sounds like a real Gem !