Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet the Grandkids

My daughter flew to New Zealand this morning for a couple of weeks and I have the Grand kids while she is away. 

This is Atticus who spends the morning trying to work out how he can get outside and belting any of my furry kids if they get too close.

And Munchie (aka Sparrow) who spends all her time curled up and hidden from all of us. She jumps and hides at the slightest sound. In the evening she does venture out, but only after my cats have been shut up for the night.
There are also three rats but they are no trouble at all in their cage in the corner.


Cherie said...

Awwwww both so very beautiful <^..^>

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Too cute! I wouldn't be looking after the rats though : ) hope you are well xx

Paula said...


quilary said...

Cute little grandkids!

trishie said...

I always refer to my dog Frankie as the "granddog" when i drop by off at my parents-in-laws place too! Hehe. That's one beautiful cat!

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Jody Pearl said...

It sounds all entertaining at your place Jackie. Hope your daughter enjoys her trip. x