Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Not a lot to share

So it is Blogtoberfest and all these amazing people are putting up a post a day for the whole month. Once again I am feeling very inadequate and boring. Everyone seems to have lots to say, projects to share and adventures to tell us about. I am busy all day everyday but don't seem to have anything interesting to share with anyone.

I have been doing a little sewing and slowly these blocks are adding up in preparation for a quilt.

  Unfortunately the sewing room is looking like this and this is the tidiest bit!

The bulk of my time is either here,

Or here. Battling away with Cert IV which is proving a lot more challenging than Cert III

Mowing the lawns is taking up a big part of the week although when I headed from this one on Sunday to do the front and side lawns, I found my neighbour whizzing around them on his ride on mower. It saved me a couple of hours and I got a turn to hoon round on the mower just for a play.

With all that spare time I managed to get some gardening done but not before my neighbour and I sat here and had coffee before he went home. (He rang when he got home and said there was a big brown snake on the road) The joys of summer!!

 A nice find this week in the tub of bits and pieces.

I had forgotten I had this unusual violet.

So Hilary I'm not really ignoring my Blog to comment on yours, although that does take up  a lot of time these days. It's just that I haven't really got a lot to share with everyone that is very interesting anyway.


quilary said...

Oh Jackie, I think you should have substituted "obsessed" with "amazing"!
Your post is much more considered and thoughtfully written...and you've been outside! *gasp*
By the end of October you'll have a Cert IV and I'll just be certified...
Looking forward to seeing the quilt put together.
Hilary xx

DEB said...

That violet is amazing!

Becc said...

I love your coffee spot, looks very relaxing!

Barb said...

Hi Jackie, Everyday life is made up of special little moments. BTW, nice garden pics and a very pretty violet too. All the best with your Cert IV! It sounds like a nice catch up with your neighbour too! :)

Cherie said...

Oh Jackie Thank You for a glimpse into your life ... every single thing looks lovely, really lovely ;)