Friday, October 5, 2012

Spam and Scam

Today I am over  Spam and Scam!!!!!

Because word identification to prove your not a robot when you comment on a Blog has become almost impossible to understand I very nicely  disabled it on my Blog. Every now and then I would get Spam comments and if they had a link to a website or email I would forward them back until they stopped spamming me. Usually I just delete them as they come in, 2 seconds and they are dealt with. Today it has reached the point of being out of control with 20, yes 20 Spam comments in my Spam folder this morning and more have arrived during the day.  I can't see the point of it really when they instantly go into my Blogger spam and the Spam folder of my Gmail. Do I really need a Russian bride, Viagra, a bigger penis, drugs from a Canadian pharmacy, to help a lawyer claim a multi million dollar estate, replica watches or any of the other totally believable (?) offers that are made?  They are mosquitoes buzzing in my ear, flies in my eyes and up my nose, a continuously runny nose. Yes you got it, something extremely annoying but something that really isn't achieving anything by being annoying because no one gets to read them anyway. So why do it???
And then to make my day even more wonderful the phone rings and yep you guessed it.........Hello Ma'am I am ringing to inform you there is a problem with the Windows on your computer. This happens at least twice a week and it too is an annoyance. Don't they realise that it has been going on for so long now that people know it is a scam? I used to just hang up but today the man on the other end of the phone got such a talking to he may never ring another person again. Don't they feel any guilt at all spending their days trying to con money out of people and usually people who don't really have that much money? 
I have even had Scam calls through my Skype after only being signed up for one day. So if there is any one out there who has a solution or if not a solution then a way of giving them a little of what they give us, please let me know. cause I am over it!!

P.S. If your not sure if an email is a Scam, Google the return email address or the name of the person sending it and it will quickly tell you if it is a Scam. And for those of you who believe those emails about brutality to animals and children, google it first cause a lot of them are a scam too!


Enchanted Moments said...

I get around 10 of those emails a day go to my junk file Jackie, some of them are really disgusting...vile..I too am a bit over it all.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Spam absolutely sucks. No solutions from me I'm afraid!

Chris said...

You go girl....although I must say that I am glad it was them that got your "talking to" and not me....wouldnt want to be on the end of one of those!

I reckon it would take a lot ...but once you got peed off it wouldn't be pretty..serves them right is what I say!!!

Love ya J xxxxxx (just so you remember xx)

Lib said...

Glass half full, Jackie your blog must be SO popular. LOL

Andrea said...

Luckily I don't get spam on my blog but the annoying phone calls are driving me crazy.......especially when I'm outside hear the phone run in pick it up and its some idiot selling insurance....Errrr

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I feel your frustration Jackie. Many bloggers won't comment on a blog with word verification bcuz it is so hard to read! Do these spammers receive any profit from these emails? I find it hard to believe, but still they keep coming. ~*~Lisa

quilary said...

I had a bit of "sport" with one of those callers telling me I have a virus on my computer...I pretended I was shocked and yelled hysterically "oh no how did that happen?" "what can I do about it?". He could hardly get a word in, then I pretended to misunderstand that he was saying $199 to fix the problem, saying "yes yes I'll pay $199. He kept trying to say "no Ma'am, no Ma'am, it's $399".. to which I said in a normal voice "oh in that case I'll live with the "virus" on my computer and hung up on him!
Don't know if it had an effect, but I enjoyed myself immensely having him think he was going to get money and then not get anything!
No solutions to spam, but I was advised never to reply because then they know that the email is an active one, and they will keep using it and onselling it to other spammers...hope that helps in some small way

Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Thanks for the info Jackie, will try that. They sure are annoying though. Thank you and thank you for my parcel that arrived a couple of weeks ago, apologies for taking so long to thank you sincerely. Late with assignments, late with everything right now LOL! As per usual the most beautiful products and so well made... sure am going to miss your website for those lift me up times and daydreaming. Hope all your new adventures are all the you hoped for and that you will miss your website so much...."you'll be back" x