Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY Doggy door.

At the moment I am working four days a week, this may be only temporary or it just may be a permanent thing if I am lucky. In the past there has always been someone around during the day to let my little dog out when she needed but things change as you all know and nowadays if I'm not home for any length of time I either have to leave a door open a little bit or shut her in. This morning we solved that problem very simply with a doggy door that fits into the frame of the glass sliding door. It took all of 20 minutes, cost nothing as we got the old Murray Pine lining boards for free and it works perfectly. I have to get a heavy piece of clear plastic for the little door but it still beats leaving this door open all day and coming home to a freezing house and puddles on the floor if it has been raining.


Pam said...

Excellent solution Jackie! Looks great in that wood, and I bet it was your idea?? :)
Those little doors are such a help when you have little critters.
We've got them in the back house door, the back door to under the house and I've even undone one bottom corner of the screens on an upstairs and a downstairs window!! All this to suit the 3 furry babies of the household!! lol. Certainly saves us a lot of trouble opening and shutting doors for them!
So glad you managed to get some work too! Hope it turns out permanent for you. hugs. ♥

media centers said...

Such an inspiration to me!