Friday, May 3, 2013

A couple of flying visits.

This morning we woke up to one of those perfect and beautiful Autumn days although it is absolutely freezing after the light frost over night. I spotted this Ibis in the paddock next to the house and I fully expected it to fly away as soon as I walked out the door with my camera. He must have been enjoying the warm sun too much to be bothered and stood there for a while letting me take some photos.
 Eventually he turned and gave me a long look as if he was wondering what on earth I was doing.
 Then turned and quietly walked away.
Another visitor to my house was spotted by Dave on the kitchen fly screen the other night and he called me to come and have a look. I wondered what on earth was so exciting about a moth on the window until I saw how massive it was.
Not sure what sort of Moth it is but I don't think I have ever seen one like it here before.

There are hundreds of Cockatoos flying over early every morning to a farm just up the road. They have been sowing seed and the cockatoos are enjoying the easy meals. The paddock has been white with them for a few days now. As the cooler weather starts to arrive a lot of the birds I have watched in my garden over the summer have disappeared, hopefully to somewhere a lot warmer than here.


Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

How beautiful to read Jackie. We have had a flock of Ibis's lately at first glance when they fly in to land they look like pelicans, though if they were pelicans they would be terribly lost to be here inland! The moth that you have taken a picture of, does it have a bright silver strip on its wings? A few months ago we had this huge grey/brown moth with the most ugliest head (almost bat like) and it has what looked like an alfoil piece on its wings - amazing. How are the studies going. I have to say, cannot wait until they are over for me - getting really tired now. On that note, take care xxx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Great photos, Jackie. Sorry I can't help you about the moth! Happy crafting, Jenny :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Jackie, and WOW that's some moth, could it be a Bogon moth unsure of spelling :-)I think they grow pretty big. Winter is here also, perfect days and very cool nights, so it's time to spark up the fire.

Andrea said...

Its interesting the different birds that visit the garden over the year,your Ibis looked very comfortable in your garden. It is a Bogong Moth, at Mt Beauty there is a motel named the Bogong Moth after it, as it is found in the high plains of Mt Bogong.I saw a couple at night too gee their BIG!
Hope you got some rain, we have received 15mls Yepee!!!! X