Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I had all of my children home on the weekend and a few extras to celebrate my middle son David's birthday on Saturday .It was nice to have them all here as it rarely happens now they are all grown up and leading their own lives.  At the moment they are all not too far away so I get to see them a little bit more than I used to.

 Sunday while they were all sleeping, we headed out to get yet another load of wood. It was such a nice morning to be out although a couple of hours more sleep would have been nice.

 I remembered to take my camera with me and had a chance to go for a wander and have a look around. I haven't been up the back of our friends farm before and there were some amazing views from the hills on either side of the gully we were cutting the wood in

 It was a contrast looking through the Australian landscape to see the English trees in the background with their Autumn colours.

The fog has started early this year although Sunday morning it was only around the hills. We have already had a couple of days this week where the fog is so thick it has been nearly impossible to find our drive.

 There were signs of the past on the top of the hill with part of an old post and rail fence still standing.

And an old telephone insulator that had been used for an electric fence. Signs of the make do attitude that farmers developed in the past when money was tight.
Sunday night I went and had dinner with my Sister in law as my brother was away fishing. She whipped up  a beautiful prawn curry and  a salad from Jamie Oliver's cookbook. Steph is an amazing cook and it was an absolutely delicious meal.

While I type this post Dave is out splitting the wood we brought home and finding all manner of insects and spiders under the bark. He isn't very impressed at all. There are so many Huntsmen Spiders living under the bark that I was wary when loading the wood on Sunday and if I had of known about the massive centipede that he just found I would probably have stopped picking it up and throwing it in the trailer.
At least we are getting a full woodshed because I think we are going to need all the wood we can get.

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The Moonlit Stitch said...

What beautiful pictures Jackie! Your son is a handsome young man. So much work stocking the woodshed. Will make for a cozy winter ~*~Lisa