Saturday, April 27, 2013

Days until or days of?

I was getting the washing off the line yesterday afternoon when I heard something that I rarely hear at my house. Black Cockatoos.  The number of Black Cockatoos you see is how many days until it rains or how many days it will rain, I can never remember which one it is but if someone does know, please tell me.  There were 7 of them flying and squawking and as they passed over one of them turned around and landed in a gum tree at the back of the house while the others kept flying. He kept calling out and I wondered what on earth was going on until four more Cockatoos appeared. The one in the tree flew to meet them and led them in the direction the other birds had gone. I was fascinated. I have no idea if the slow ones were the young of the flock or the old ones but it was nice to see they weren't being left behind. Of course while I was standing there watching all of this I missed the opportunity to take a photo. Why do these things happen when you don't have a camera in your hand?
Today I have to make a birthday cake for middle son who turns 23 today. I know all the boys will be here and probably a few of their mates as well so it will be a busy day.
Autumn has settled in, the leaves are falling and the nights are very cold. This morning my neighbour dropped the paper off and said the fog was so thick he nearly missed my drive. Looks like a long cold Winter here this year.


Andrea said...

Hi Jackie,your lucky to get a visit from the Black cockatoos, were they the ones with red on them or yellow? never seen either of them out our way. Happy birthday to your son, sounds like a busy(noisy) many birthday cakes do you think you have made over the years? Hope your enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather....

quilary said...

I hope for your sake it's the number of days till the rain comes!
We used to get black cockatoos in the huge gum across the road - it still amazes me that they came this close to the city. Sadly a developer bought the block several years ago and knocked it down to put up 10 town houses!