Thursday, April 11, 2013


After a break of a couple of weeks, I decided I needed to get back into the cupboard cleaning again. I knew that I would be pretty well finished once the cupboard in the middle room was done. Little did I know what a huge job it would be because of all the memories it held on it's shelves.
Right up on top was a bag I had forgotten about with special baby clothes folded inside. Some were my children s and there in the bottom was my baby shawl and christening dress. There were favourite toys that the kids wouldn't let me dispose of, school projects, photo albums, books and so much more. It has been such a slow journey through the shelves full of so many wonderful memories.
And right on the bottom of the last shelf was my undoing. My father passed away 23 years ago on April 27th and a few years ago Mum gave me a book full of the Sympathy cards she received. I have never been able to open that book and read the words that people had to say but today I braced myself and went through all of them. So many wonderful words from so many people. Many of them have also passed away in the last 23 years but as I read their words I remembered each and every one of them. So many wrote of what he had meant to them in their cards, workmates and bowling friends, some considered him a brother, others told of times when he had helped them, it was so overwhelming to read what they had shared with him. There have been many tears this afternoon, some are happy, some are sad as I remember Dave (never Dad) the man who was my father. If I ever wondered just for a minute if he was really as wonderful, kind, caring and everything else I thought he was then reading the words in the cards confirmed that he was everything that I remembered and more.   One card sticks in my memory and made me smile. The man who wrote it was a man of very few words, a confirmed bachelor and not one to make friends.
Dear Mrs Towers, Please accept my sympathy, Dave was a gentle and decent man. Wade
On the 25th of  April  I will wish  Dave a Happy Birthday and on the 27th I will remember his passing and be glad that he was remembered as a gentle and decent man.


Jody Pearl said...

You forgot to add 'good looking' to the list Jackie.

I have a feeling all the wonderful attributes you listed for your Dad have been passed on to his daughter.

I similarly have a record of someone very special - the taped conversations I made with my Grandmother a couple of years before she died coming up 10yrs ago. Like yourself Jackie the time has never been right to sit an listen to her however I look forward to the day I can.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Wow Jackie. What a flood of emotions and memories. Your dad was a very handsome man also, if I may add that. I have a very difficult time with pictures and ran across some yesterday. What wonderful words to confirm your thoughts and feelings for your dad. I know it was hard, but I'm glad you were finally able to read them during this special month. ♥Lisa

Enchanted Moments said...

How beautiful Jackie, what a way to spend an afternoon...x

Andrea said...

Amazing what you can unearth while cleaning.......what a lovely surprise to find and a beautiful gift your mother has passed to you.

Pam said...

Oh Jackie that certainly was beautiful. Such wonderful memories of and feelings for your dad to look back on....happy and sad. Big hugs. ♥