Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The smoke has gone and there has a been a little bit of rain so things are looking much better this week. Even the heat has settled down a bit and there are cooler days forecast. Unbelievably, there has been snow forecast for the mountains on Wednesday which will cool things down even more. 

Earlier in the Summer I planted my new garden bed and in it are four Buddleias.  I am so glad I did because anytime of the day they are swarming with all sorts of bugs, it's like a tiny world in a tree.

My one little blue bee has found some company and there are a lot of them flitting around the flowers now. I am managing to be a little more patient and a little better at getting a decent photo of them.

They don't stay still very long and you have to be quick. 

There are a lot of these wasps too, they are constantly being chased by the bees but manage to land occasionally. 

Hidden away in the leaves was this twiggy little man as well. They are always very accommodating when it comes to taking a photo.

There are usually butterflies dancing around the flowers, bees, dragonflies of all shapes and colours and other insects I can't put a name to. It really is worth planting one or two somewhere in your garden.

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The Moonlit Stitch said...

It's so interesting what attracts the insects and birds. So much life in these wonderful pics you caught and barely a bird in sight here LOL. Can't wait! ~*~Lisa