Monday, February 10, 2014

Summer can't end soon enough!!!

Like far too many people in Victoria this morning, I woke to the stink of smoke in the air.

Every window I look out of has the same view, a heavy blanket of smoke lies over the landscape.

Unlike many people in Victoria this morning, I am not living with the threat of a bush fire on my doorstep.

The smoke I see and smell is coming from fires far away from where I live, from places I used to live.
It is merely an inconvenience in my life.
Unfortunately it is more than an inconvenience for others. 


Jody Pearl said...

Scary stuff - my dearest friend lost her home in the Black Saturday fires so I hold my breathe everytime there's more....which seems to happen more & more!

Chris Fairall said...

Hi Jackie
I'm with you, I cant believe what our beautiful country/world is going through not to mention the people and helpless animals, this heat and the lack of rain is frightening, the planet is changing and I fear not for the better. Hope you get rain and cool soon xox

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Beautiful landscape Jackie, but these fires are so scary, last year we lost a lot of firefighters in a wild fire ... hope that's the last of it for you ~*~Lisa