Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goings on at my place.

 I have now been working for 3 weeks and even though it is an hour there and back, I am really enjoying it. Of course it helps that my boss is probably the nicest boss you could possibly have and everyone that works there are really easy to get on with. Being two days a week for now is a good way to get me back into the routine of working too.I have also taken on a 3 hour a week (in theory) volunteer coordinator position with the local health service helping to establish a new volunteer home visiting program in our town. In between I have been just trying to keep my gardens alive during the terrible heat we have been having and even with all the water I have been pouring on my plants I have managed to lose one or two things. On Friday we had over 40 ml of rain so my plants are quite happy for a few days until the weather heats up again at the end of the week. It was perfect timing because I put more bean and corn seeds in the vegie garden on Thursday.
This weekend I am just pottering around in the garden and the house and quietly thinking about whether I should go up to the sewing room and have a play. My eldest son came home for the day yesterday but headed off home with my resident middle son in the afternoon and youngest son made a brief appearance to borrow camping stuff before heading off to the river for the weekend with his mates. I am sure I will see him again tomorrow when he brings everything back. (well what he hasn't lost or just left behind)
Nicky arrived late yesterday for the night which was nice. She headed off early this morning to run out to the farm where her father lives, which is about 12km. I went back to bed when she left, exhausted just thinking about it!

She has found herself a new baby, the funniest little thing you have ever seen. This is Min. She is never going to replace Atticus but she is nice company for Poe and it turns out she is actually Poe's half sister.

Oh, and over the weekend I am babysitting Dixie, my brother's Australian terrier. She is a nice little dog but very energetic. Machicho my sweet baby, who never gets angry at anything snaps and growls at poor Dixie whenever she comes near her, and Dixie only wants to play.  Dixie has had a big learning curve this weekend because she has never had a thing to do with cats and it has taken her a day or two to get up the nerve to go near my two. Funniest thing I have seen for a long time when she first confronted our cat, Fred.
Maybe I will sew tomorrow cause I think I feel a Nanna nap coming on this afternoon. It's Sunday after all and that is supposedly a day of rest?
Happy Australia day everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend break.


Chris Fairall said...

Hiya Jackie
Glad you have a job your enjoying, it makes all the difference doesn't it ? an hour drive in the country is not the same as an hour drive in the city/more built up areas I find. BTW Happy New Year, I have my new blog up and partly running, not happy with the layout but it will get sorted :-)
Hugs Chris

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I don't know how I've missed all of these posts Jackie! I am behind...Min is awesome! Is she a 'dingo' cat? LOL, her ears look so big, what a sweetie. ~*~Lisa