Saturday, January 4, 2014

'Don't fall into the booby-trap, be breast aware!'

Samuel Johnson’s sister Connie is dying of Breast Cancer so he’s  riding around Australia on a unicycle!
It’s all about keeping his promise to Connie:
  1. Raise a million dollars for Breast Cancer research
  2. Raise awareness of the disease that’s killing her
  3. Break the Guinness World Record for the longest journey on a unicycle. 15,000km
So far he has ridden over 13,431 km  and raised over $1,173,000 and plans to be finished by February 13.
Today he rode from Khancoban to Tallangatta, 109 km. There was a meet and greet organised at the Tallangatta boat ramp.  I drove to Tallangatta and went along with my son Ben who lives just up the road from the Boat Ramp even though sometime in the morning he had ridden past my house and I was oblivious!

Sam had ridden the unicycle all day and I can guarantee the road is pretty awful even in a car, But he still took the time to talk to everyone.

Have his photo taken and sign autographs.

Let curious little boys climb up on the Unicycle for a try.

And even have a go in the Bravehearts Dragon boat.

 In a quiet moment when no one was around he quietly slipped into the Lake to cool down.

He never stopped smiling, never said no to a request and is a genuinely lovely man.
Their message is simple: 'Don't fall into the booby-trap, be breast aware!'
If the face is familiar but your not quite sure who he is, remember back about 13 years ago and the Australian TV series 'The Secret Life of Us' He was Evan.

If you want to donate to this cause you can do so here. Love your Sister
The money raised from donations and sales of merchandise goes to the Garvan Research Foundation which I am sure will someday find a cure for this terrible disease. I'd like to think that one day women won't have to go through what they do now when they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Many, like my sister have positive outcomes but unfortunately some don't. 


The Moonlit Stitch said...

It seems more and more are afflicted with this type of cancer in our area and at younger ages. Bless those who do something to raise awareness and funds to save others through research! What a great guy - prayers for his sister ~*~Lisa

Pam said...

I knew he was doing this trip and had seen him on TV as well promoting his ride and I thought what a wonderful thing to do and how close the relationship with his sister he must have! He did come across as a really nice man and I'm glad to hear you say the same thing Jackie!

Now is that you in the pic? Looks like you and doesn't look like you if you know what I mean! Your hair is straight again! Oops, giving away secrets again! lol. ♥

Enchanted Moments said...

I saw where he had ridden through your town on facebook, he is a good bloke...