Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1st, 2014

So here we are starting another year. I have been thinking about all that has has happened in the last year at my place.There have been  many changes (good and bad), large and small things happening and places visited , many that I have told you about and some that didn't get onto the pages of The Back Shed.
There have been visitors  that have left lovely comments here and there. Some are regular visitors and others just pop in now and then when they have a minute and it is nice to hear from all of them.
I can only hope that friendships that have been made on these pages will continue and I look forward to the possibility that more friendships will be made in the coming year.

So how did I start my first morning of 2014? Crying through the last chapters of The Book Thief. Yes I cry when I watch sad and happy movies or TV shows , or read books with good and bad bits in them. It really doesn't take much and it isn't hormones either........I have always done it.
So I ended the old year with tears and have begun the new one with more tears, doesn't look hopeful does it?
I have lots of new things to look forward to in the coming year, some I know about and some are still to be revealed to me as the year unfolds.
As the first day of the year progresses it is getting quite cool and is trying to rain which is preferable to the heat we get here in the Summer.

 I went out and took a few photos of my garden and the paddocks around the house just to show you what it is like here on the first day of our new year. 

I stayed out there as long as I could until clouds of these pesky insects drove me inside. 

Happy New Year.
I hope that 2014 will be a happy adventure for us all.


Jody Pearl said...

Love our little chats Jackie and hope you start to 2014 is improving [don't like to hear there's been tears cos I'm too far away to pop in for a cuppa]... although thankyou for the head-up as the 13yr old is half way through the Book Theif and is one of those voracious readers who is the book when reading it and will string out the last few pages because she doesn't want it to end I'm now much better prepared for a cosy cuddle on the couch.

It looks warm at yours today and I love the shots of the hints & splashes in your garden. I can empathise with regards the flies as I rarely venture outside without first spraying myself these days as they could drive you insane with their persistence.

I'm now off to find someone to pinch & punch before making a cuppa and contemplating how I'm going to tackle the day. Happy New Year my friend. x

WendyW said...

Hi Jackie, Happy New Year to you and your family. I love the pictures you took on the first day of 2014 ... what a beautiful spot you live in. I wish you wonderful things ahead, treasured moments and memories, happy crafting, cooking and gardening and family time.
Best Wishes to you from Wendy x

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Sometimes we can absorb energy and we don't even realize it - if there is sadness floating around anywhere, or anything else, we can reflect it. You are not a hollow seem very thoughtful and feeling...sometimes it has to come out in tears. Blessed to have you as a cyber friend Jackie♥ I hope most of your 2014 comes out in laughter♥ ~*~Lisa