Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good bye Fatman

There are days that start out pretty good. You've had a reasonable nights sleep, you have your day planned and all is good with the world. It only takes one phone call to put everything off track again.

Regular visitors will know Atticus, my eldest grandchild.

A gorgeous cuddlebum with more character than most people I know.
And the light of my daughters life.

This morning Atticus was playing with his two tabby friends around the corner and unfortunately ran on to the road at the wrong time. 

This time the driver did the right thing and tried to find the owner of our little man. Neighbours gently wrapped him and called Nicky at work. Nothing makes the loss any easier but once again the kindness of strangers may have just helped just a little bit.

Of course the only thing she could do was bring him home. He is now resting peacefully in my garden , his toy bunny laying by his side.  Munchie is nearby so he won't get too lonely.
Sleep quietly Fatman, we are really going to miss you. xx


Jody Pearl said...

Condolences to you and Nicky, Jackie - thankyou for sharing the stories, memories & gorgeous photos of magestic Atticus and extended 'tribe' over the years..... and as time passes I hope the pain eases. x

Enchanted Moments said...

Oh no.....Jackie, thats sad...xxx