Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bread fix from the Farmer's Market and other things.

As usual I headed off to the monthly Farmer's Market this morning just to get my bread fix. Not all went to plan. I got my two loaves of bread-Cheese and Olive and Spinach and Cheese. But then there was the plant stall with four new Geraniums for the collection,  the cake stall yielded a fruit loaf and  the Friends of Corryong Library sold me a small jar of Chilli tomato chutney.
It's not all about the stalls though when you head off to the market. Lots of socialising and catching up with people happens too. It's nice.
On the Christmas front-I have spent a day sewing and made a few little bits and pieces to go into parcels, can't show you though as it would spoil the surprise for some who peruse my blog. The few cards I send are gone and a parcel or two managed to get to the Post office this week as well.  All the Christmas decorations are out of the box and scattered around the house. still have to find a couple of quilts I have poked away somewhere.
Unfortunately for me, my procrastinating as far as the baking goes will see me in the kitchen on days of mid to high 30 degree heat. If I'd pulled my finger out in the past fortnight I would have had lovely cool days to get the oven going.  That's what happens I guess and after all it is Summer. I have the pool cleaned up so I can bake and dash out to the pool when I get too hot. I'd rather drip water than sweat onto the kitchen floor.
So things are quietly moving along now and I should be organised by the big day. I usually don't get into the swing of things until after my youngest sons birthday on the 10th which was a very easy one for me this year.  I baked a cake, left it in the fridge and headed out to  dinner and a meeting. Middle son Dave cooked the birthday dinner and did a really good job of it from what I hear.


Barb said...

Hi Jackie,

I agree, a visit to the local Markets is always nice- lovely goodies & it's nice to chat to people too! :) Summer has definitely arrived here! We've got some hot temps forecast for Thu & Fri next week- late 30s! No doubt, you'll enjoy that nice, cool swim after all of your baking! Wishing you & your family a Happy Christmas & best wishes for 2014! :) x

Pam said...

Oh well done you Jackie! You're doing much better than I am, though I am doing much better than last year, which disappointingly really didn't happen on my end! All my own fault though. I'm sure I'll get there. :)
So you finally got those geraniums! Great! lol.
Good luck with all that baking, and thank god you have that pool! I'm sure I'll talk/email you before Christmas. ♥

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Something about baked and canned goods around the holidays - the good stuff! You got it goin' on with being prepared! Not quite sure where I am at but I guess will just take it as it comes. Fluffy snow here today. Covering our pool! Have a good weekend Jackie! ~*~Lisa