Thursday, December 19, 2013

Protecting the property

The other night my dog woke me up at midnight barking madly at something outside. She was quite savage and was running through the house trying to get out. My big brave son got the torch and wandered outside to see what was there but of course found nothing.  2.30 this morning she did it again! I let her out and she ran up and down the fence trying to find a way out into the paddock. I have never heard sound so fierce. I finally got her inside and it took an hour or so to settle her and all of a sudden she started again. I looked out of the window as a large fox ran past the house. She was dead set certain she was going to have that fox but if she had of caught up with it I am sure I wouldn't have a little dog anymore.Usually she is the biggest sook in the world and I'm not sure if it is the terrier in her or a natural instinct when a dog smells a fox that gets her so stirred up. Tonight I will close the curtains so she can't see outside and with any luck I will get a full nights sleep.


The Moonlit Stitch said...

While reading your post I said "Ooo!" out loud when I came to the fox part and my husband was asking what? What? LOL. What is that old fox after? Maybe has a den nearby? Your pup is so cute-good watchdog! ~*~Lisa

Jody Pearl said...

What a sweetheart. x