Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Native visitor.

There is more about Summer that I dislike than I can ever find to like. But, there are some interesting things around that you will only ever see in the summer. I love dragonflies and can watch them for hours, butterflies and the business of the birds will distract me for a while too.  When I begin to think that there is nothing new to see in my garden I suddenly find that there is! In my new garden bed there are lots of blue and various shades of purple flowers and a recent visitor to this bed is a blue banded bee.
I have never seen one in the garden before and after reading about them I think they are a very welcome guest. This is my second sighting and she wasn't very helpful to me when I tried to get a photo, but you get the idea of what she looks like.


Pam said...

Dragonflies are also one of my most fav insects Jackie too that I can watch for quite some time, but these guys are probably the next most interesting to me. I posted about them on Snapshots some time back and had a pic of them after they "come in to roost", as I call it! :) They disappear each winter and reappear in summer, which they've just started to do in the last couple of weeks. I have a bare twig/branch left over from tcct days and have left it hanging from the back steps for years, because that's where they roost each night! They're fascinating to watch when they land, by holding on by their pincer thingies, and when another comes in to land and touch the twig, the others all wave their back legs in the air until they settle!! If you get the chance to see where they land at night, it's worth the watch! They really are lovely. ♥

The Moonlit Stitch said...

This is just too awesome Jackie! surprised your pic turned out as well as it did! I would love to see one! My gardens have been leaning toward the purple side lately too. Nature is amazing if we take the time - thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa