Monday, December 2, 2013

She'll jump off anything!!

My eldest child and only daughter has the travel bug. She has done a couple of months in Malaysia and Cambodia and recently had her second trip to New Zealand.  Today Jody posted a photo of her gorgeous girls 13th birthday and I was remembering my daughter and how relatively easy she was as a teenager.

There is something about New Zealand that brings out the dare devil in my girl. Last time she bungee jumped.

This time she found a couple of new things to give her mother nightmares for years to come.

 That's her and Megan hanging in the air from the platform at the front!!  That platform at the back is where she bungee jumped from last time.

Not content to fall backwards ( and then go back again to fall front first!!) she decided that jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet might be fun. 

I'm sure the view was amazing

from up there.

and she did seem to be enjoying it.

But I must say this is my favourite photo.
If I had photos of the helicopter ride over the glacier I would put that in too.
So now that smugness I used to have over a relatively pain free time living with a teenage girl has gone cause it seems she is making up for the lack of stress back then by tripling it now she is in her 20's.
(So far the three boys have kept their feet on the ground.)


Jody Pearl said...
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Jody Pearl said...

Somebody said a long time ago thet they're [kids] supposed to keep to young - not true!

Pam said...

Phew! Something I don't have to worry about thankfully. Just watching other people do it makes my feet go funny, so couldn't imagine the feeling when it's your child Jackie!!! lol. Maybe she'll settle down a wee bit now you think? Yeah.....right!! ♥

Pam said...

p.s. meant to say that she looks a lot like you in that last pic, don't you think? :D

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Wow Jackie, your daughter is amazingly beautiful! AND BRAVE! So wonderful she is enjoying life and seeing the world. I wish I could have ventured out more. Who am I kidding, I was getting woozey just looking at those pics! Amazing! ~*~Lisa