Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Flying over glaciers.

Nicky read my post yesterday and these arrived this morning. I figure that my life is pretty mundane at the moment so I may as well show you her fun and interesting life instead. (Although she is now back in the real world and there are just brief flashes of fun and interesting now.) 

So here is the helicopter ride over the glacier. She loved it so much there was mention of getting lessons but if she drives a helicopter the same way she drives a car then I'm a little worried. 

You would never get these views from anything but a helicopter ( or jumping out of a plane!!)

So the explorer has conquered yet another mountain. Clever girl.

Nicky and her partners in death defying acts.

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Pam said...

She IS a real go getter isn't she Jackie! A great way to be really.
This helicopter ride looks very similar to the one Sandy and I were supposed to take as part of that trip we took to NZ last year, but missed out on because there weren't enough passengers on that day!!! :( Can't tell you how disappointed we were. It was the one big exciting thing we were both looking forward to. Would have been something we'd have never forgotten I'm sure! Clever and lucky Nicky indeed. x