Sunday, December 8, 2013

Moving along....slowly.

Well I'm not sure when Summer is really going to get going properly here. We had a couple of hot and sticky days last week which prompted us to get the pool going and then had to turn heaters back on Thursday and Friday. A five minute drive and we have amazing views of snow covered mountains once again. Crazy!

I am having a slow and not very enthusiastic lead up to Christmas this year. I should have taken advantage of the cold days and got stuck into the baking I need to do and I should be looking through the recipes my gorgeous daughter sent me trying to work out Christmas lunch. Instead I have been doing lots around the house, studying and still more gardening. Not sure if it is procrastination or just total avoidance at this stage. I have managed to get the Christmas trees up and have pretty much bought all the presents I need to buy though. Just easing my way into it I guess.

Those lovely little creatures above are the discarded skins of the Cicadas which are all over and under the plane tree in the middle of the side lawn. My son pointed out a couple of not so successful Cicadas, stuck in their old skin forever, having failed to break free. As usual nature does not run to plan for some.

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The Moonlit Stitch said...

Hey Jackie - I recognized the cicada shells right off. A sure sign of summer. Did some Christmas shopping today. Yick. Good luck with your baking! ~*~Lisa