Sunday, December 22, 2013


The Pecan Candy cakes just came out of the Turbo cooker so be careful they're still hot!

And the frying pan cooked my mini plum puddings perfectly. Both actually cooked better in their respective
appliances than they do in the oven. I will have to remember that next year. The bonus is the kitchen is still relatively cool, well compared to outside anyway.


Chris Fairall said...

I am very impressed Jacki,they look beautiful !!! I put the bleedin Chrissy cakes in the oven on our hottest day :-/ they finished cooking at 11.30 pm. I have a turbo cooker, actually its my second one, the first one cracked on the pre heat...what a noise and lucky I had just moved away from it too, luckily the store replaced it, so now I will drag it out and try some of your clever ideas. Hope your Chrissy day was peachy keen. Hugs
Chris Fairall formally...well I'm still Fenwick just going under the maiden name ( willow tree prims) working on a new blog for 2014 xo

Enchanted Moments said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas