Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In my garden today

Absolutely stinking hot weather here at the minute so venturing outside is only when we jump in the pool or I hunt the little dog out for the necessaries.

I had just convinced her to go out this afternoon when something buzzed around her head and sent her racing inside, tail between her legs. ( Yes she is a big scaredy cat.dog)  This is what buzzed in her ear and scared the life out of her. I've never seen one in my garden before and after a little bit of research 
www.ozanimals.com tells me:
The Fiddler Beetle or Rose Chafer is a dark brown scarab beetle with distinctive green or yellow markings in a violin shape. The abdomen is banded black and yellow or green. They are strong fliers and move from tree to tree to feed on nectar. They are harmless to humans.

Other Names
Rose Chafer

length 15mm to 18mm

eucalypt woodland, heathland, suburban parks and gardens.

feeds on nectar from eucalypt flowers and other flowering trees, also feeds on plant secretions

The Fiddler Beetle lays eggs in rotting logs, or in the soil. The larvae fed on rotting wood and pupate within the wood. Adult beetles emerge in early summer.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and south eastern South Australia

Have you had colourful visitors to your garden this week?


The Moonlit Stitch said...

That is one pretty beetle Jackie! Your pup sounds so sweet. What great pictures you take! You are like me - gotta reasearch the mystery bug! LOL! Well, no bugs here, stinkin' FREZZIN'! There has to be a happy medium in between our lands. ~*~Lisa

Pam said...

They are pretty I agree, but I hate the way they have to buzz your head so loudly and at great speed!! lol.
Not too sure if we've had many visitors, colourful or otherwise Jackie, because like you I haven't ventured too far away from the house into the yard, with the heat though I know it hasn't been anywhere near as hot here as down there! But there are LOTS of blue banded bees about at the bottom of our back steps where I have a few vegies and some cat mint growing. They love the flowers of the mint.

Stay cool if you can. ♥