Saturday, July 12, 2014


I was taking a photo through the window to show Nicky just how wet and miserable it is here today.

When it started to hail.

Now it looks like this.

And this...

With wet and bedraggled parrots still hunting for acorns.

And yes, it is as cold as it looks.

I'm so glad I went to the Second Hand book shop this morning!!!!


One Earlybird said...

It hasn't been very pleasant today. I was out at Cudgewa at the netball and it looked like it was going to fine up for a while, but that soon changed. I haven't been that cold for a while. Reading a book or doing some patchwork would have been a far better option.

Pam said...

Brrr! That does look cold Jackie!
It's funny the way something can look so pretty at the same time as being very unwanted! :)

I didn't know you had acorns in your yard! I'd love some of those and wish they grew up here.

I haven't sat down and just read a good book in a loooong time. Maybe it's time I did!

Keep warm. xxx

Chris Fairall said...

Helloo Jackie, long time no visit, glad to see your still active on your blog, so many have stopped and its a little sad. Rain or not it still looks very pretty, get the fire pumping and curl up with one of those books lady. Hope to be back blogging soon my new blog is, I am still getting over loosing mum and I need to put a post up about that, then I hope to be back to normal. Stay warm Jack. xox Chris ( Fenwick )