Sunday, September 14, 2014


What a difference a month makes when your talking about the weather! 
We are still getting frosts in the mornings but the days are a balmy 20 degrees and its all you can do to stay inside just long enough to make the bed and clean up the kitchen in the morning.

Yesterday was catch up day with loads of washing and lawns to mow.

We rescued this tiny Viola from the lawn before the lawn mower went over it and found the perfect thing to plant it in,

Then Dave remembered there was a great big one in the wood shed which we have sat in the garden until we know what we want to plant in it.

 Today we rescued the deck chairs from the dusty shed and have sat around in the sun chatting and drinking endless cuppas.

The Cherry tree is blooming. I took this just for Nicky just to remind her that she will be in the land of Cherry Blossom in about 2 months time!!
Loving the Spring weather so much and hoping it lasts for a while before the Summer heat starts. Next weekend I'm off to  Melbourne to spend some time with Nicky  which I am really looking forward to.

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Chris Fairall said...

Isn't spring the most beautiful time of year Jackie ? and nothing I like more than sitting chatting to the hubby with a cuppa or a wine depending on the time of day :-), love the planter log, look forward to more pictures as the flowers grow. xo