Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More from the garden and a cautionary tale.

We have planted a lot of trees in our yard over the years and because they are 'just there' you don't realise how big some of them have grown. I was out in the side yard this morning and noticed the Silk Tree. It really has grown massive in the last few years. I can remember after we planted it the frosts would come and cut it to pieces and we were on the brink of pulling it out on more than once occasion. So glad we didn't.

The flower is unusual and not very exciting but very pretty on the tree. The leaves fold up as it gets dark each night and then as the sun comes out the open again

The ants are very busy  with storms passing us on and off all day. There as been some spectacular lightening, scare the wits out of the dogs thunder and not a lot of rain. It is lovely and cool though.

And in that garden the insects are still in abundance.
 Bees in the dahlias.

   Butterflies on the Buddleias.

And a tiny spider hiding away in the flowers.
It really is fascinating to watch the comings and goings in that one particular garden. There have been many other different insects every day but unfortunately a lot of them are camera shy. (or I'm just too slow)

On a very different subject..........If you visit here now and then you couldn't help but  be aware of how important the furry children in our house are to us, so you can imagine how scared I was when a week or so ago I was giving this spoilt miss a bit of a belly rub and I found a small lump. A visit to the vet and a sample of fluid was taken  and sent away. Thankfully this afternoons phone call was a good one and it is just fatty tissue that will need to be watched. It really isn't something you think about even though we are inundated with information about Breast cancer in women and all the things we should and shouldn't do.  Here's a link on Mammary cancer in dogs if you want to know more.

The not so much rain has actually turned into quite heavy rain and there are puddles now.

 Nice. I won't have to get the sprinklers going tonight!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The smoke has gone and there has a been a little bit of rain so things are looking much better this week. Even the heat has settled down a bit and there are cooler days forecast. Unbelievably, there has been snow forecast for the mountains on Wednesday which will cool things down even more. 

Earlier in the Summer I planted my new garden bed and in it are four Buddleias.  I am so glad I did because anytime of the day they are swarming with all sorts of bugs, it's like a tiny world in a tree.

My one little blue bee has found some company and there are a lot of them flitting around the flowers now. I am managing to be a little more patient and a little better at getting a decent photo of them.

They don't stay still very long and you have to be quick. 

There are a lot of these wasps too, they are constantly being chased by the bees but manage to land occasionally. 

Hidden away in the leaves was this twiggy little man as well. They are always very accommodating when it comes to taking a photo.

There are usually butterflies dancing around the flowers, bees, dragonflies of all shapes and colours and other insects I can't put a name to. It really is worth planting one or two somewhere in your garden.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Summer can't end soon enough!!!

Like far too many people in Victoria this morning, I woke to the stink of smoke in the air.

Every window I look out of has the same view, a heavy blanket of smoke lies over the landscape.

Unlike many people in Victoria this morning, I am not living with the threat of a bush fire on my doorstep.

The smoke I see and smell is coming from fires far away from where I live, from places I used to live.
It is merely an inconvenience in my life.
Unfortunately it is more than an inconvenience for others.