Saturday, May 14, 2016

Garage Sale Goodness

Generally there are at least a couple of garage sales on here every Saturday morning and occasionally I pick up something of interest. Today was an extremely successful day, so successful it has got me back on my Blog!

First garage sale this morning there was more than a little too take my interest.
The Vintage picnic basket immediately caught my eye and then I started rummaging through a box with some doilies and other bits and pieces in it and decided to make an offer for the lot.  The embroidered goodness sitting on top of the box was the next thing to be quickly put on my pile of purchases.

So I have laid it out on Mum's queen size bed. How amazing is that? Handmade by an Aunt of the lady running the garage sale. I don't know how she could part with it. After a very short discussion between family members it was decided that $40 was a fair price to charge for this. I did promise it would be well looked after.

I wasn't sure how much of the stuff in the box was going to be worth keeping but figured that the $30 they decided on was fair enough from what I had seen. Turns out I got an extremely good deal.

Vintage bits, tablecloths, tea cosy , crocheted lavender bags...........

Very old hankies that were in the process of being sewn together to make something?

Lots and lots of embroidered tablecloths, tray cloths, doilies, runners and more!!

A very old lace petticoat and a linen bag.

Tablecloths and doilies that haven't been embroidered yet or only partially done. I wouldn't even try to guess how old some of them are. Also a box of threads to go with them.

And in a plastic bag right down in the bottom corner of the box.......antique lace. 

And last but not least........

At the very bottom of the bag a fragile silk shawl, light as a feather.
Money well spent I think.

On to garage sale number two where I picked up a couple of things.

Jars with Bakelite lids, a small wooden rolling pin and a vintage salt spoon.
The lady running this garage sale (in her early 70's) remembers these jars sitting on a shelf above the wood stove in her grandmother's kitchen filled with spices. 


Anonymous said...

It all looks amazing, so much fun to go through Jackie, ...Suzanne

Pam said...

Ohh such gorgeousness Jackie! What a fantastic buy for you and all that amazing history and the memories to surround yourself with!! Lucky you!
...and what a lovely surprise to see your blog on the top of my blog list this morning. xx

Jody Pearl said...

WOW so much TREASURE - you were definitely in the right place at the right time…glad the op shops didn't get their hands on it first!