Sunday, May 15, 2016

I recently had the chance to go and have a look around ''The Mains", a homestead on the outskirts of Corryong built by the Baileys around 1878. Mr Bailey paid for the ticket of a Scottish stonemason to come out to Australia and work off the cost of the ticket by building the house. It is a bit neglected and the gardens have all been removed but you can still see what it would have been like almost 140 years ago.

Even the fence around the yard is stone.

This could possibly be where a baby was buried. There is another one further down the fence. Bit sad

The milk room or cool room is one side and quarters the other. There is a cellar under the milk room, (Didn't venture down there!)

And then there is the barn.


Pam said...

Two days running Jackie! You're on a roll and doing well! if only I could do that too! ;)

You can certainly see how beautiful the homestead would have been back in it's day! It still is really, with all that amazing character and beauty in the different features.
You have some lovely shots there! xx

Jody Pearl said...

Amazing - you get a real sense of the history through your images.
Did you look for their rubbish tip…could be hours of fossicking fun Jackie!