Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nothing happened today!!!

 I'm not very prolific at posting, sometimes it's well over a week between posts. When I see other Blogs with 3 or 4 Posts a week or some with Daily posts I feel slightly inadequate. But you know what? I shouldn't really. I mean it's pretty hard to dredge up interesting things every day, mine is just an ordinary life with little highlights along the way. You don't want to read about my days of pottering around cleaning, the frustration of not having enough time to do the things I need to do or the daily battles with my Teenager. The antics of my pets may be amusing to me but why would you want to read about Cato stealth attacking Maggie all day or Machicho barking at Sparrows in the trees for hours on end.
I could write about my poor Chooks as once again a Fox managed to clean them out, except for one and she has gone into hiding. And how the Fox came back the next night to pinch the dogs food off the back veranda. But that's it, the whole story...two sentences wouldn't interest you for very long.
There are thousands of Meme's out there I could probably join but then I tend to do only Meme posts which makes things easy I suppose. Then there is the pressure of popping into everyone's blog who has joined the meme and making a comment and honestly there is nothing wrong with that, it is actually nice to be part of something.....but the time it takes is overwhelming.
Maybe my life has just been busy and keeping up has taken over keeping in touch?
So if I seem to be lazy with Posts I'm not really, it's just another way of saying......
Dear Diary, Nothing happened today.


Pam said...

lol. Oh no Jackie! I hear you!!

p.s. Love you blue stacking dolls. Very cute. xxx

theoldboathouse said...

Yes Jackie I so agree...blogging is fun but it does eat away at ime and you know what they say about flys! cheers Katherine

Sugar Pie said...

Hi Jackie,

I know just what you mean, I've only done one I just don't think my days are all that

But I love the way you told us nothing happened in your day & took 3 or 4 paragraphs to do it in

I'm sorry to hear about your poor chooks & old sly Mr Fox' escapades.

Have a great day Jackie, take care,
Hugs Robyn xxx

Jackie said...

lol Well you know me Robyn,always taking the long way round when two sentences would do. Mr fox is still coming to visit and the dogs are nearly beside themselves with all the 'smells' in the yard. xx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

I agree, Jackie. I try to do one a week, but will do more on whims, like my recent Colour post....I found it really helped lift my mood and I wanted to share it with everyone....the down added an extra post to my weekly blog post Enjoy your weekend, Jenny