Monday, April 12, 2010


I promised in my last Post to show you all the Treasure I brought home from my Easter break. This is most of the Garage sale and Market haul. Glasses, Violet cup, saucer and plate, Scales, pitchfork, Vintage Earrings and lots of Doily's.
I'm very partial to old scales and these were both a bargain!!!
My husband who doesn't generally have an opinion on old and rusty fell in love with this tin, I was very happy he did because it had caught my eye as well!

This was my last Garage Sale purchase of the morning along with a gorgeous old suitcase. Hardly cost a thing and will look brilliant painted up in the new outside area my hubby is making for me.

After the garage sales and a restorative cuppa we headed off to the second hand shop on the hill where I found these gems. The little cup is another one to add to the Violet collection.The little Vintage brooch and bracelet are perfect to add to my ever growing collection. I just liked the plate and those Canisters are just wonderful though I have no idea where I am going to put them yet!

Mum gave me the Pascall jar last time I visited her but I forgot to bring it home, there was no way I was forgetting it this time!!!
You would think I would be over the bargain hunting wouldn't you? No, two days after getting home I found this in the local Op Shop. Very sweet.


Enchanted Moments said...

Hi Jackie,
Fantastic haul there...!!! Im so glad you got to have a rummage and were successful in your purchases..
That dear little lily of the valley brooch is very nice, and I love your outdoor setting...!!!!
It is just as well sometimes we dont all go junking together, as we would be fighting over things I think, or drawing straws to be polite!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your break. xxx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Isn't it lovely to think of the stories and events your treasures would tell you about if they could! Enjoy your finds, Jackie. Happy crafting, Jenny