Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Accidents do Happen

You have met Rev in previous posts. He's the one who pretty much does what he wants when he wants. He sleeps with one of the boys every night and always manages to take up most of the bed. The number of times I have heard one of them complaining that he had only the edge of the bed cause Revvy pushed him over to the side...........! It doesn't occur to them that they could just push him over, cause he's REV and you can't do that to him.  When I'm sewing he stays in the sewing room with me, sleeping the day away. Quite often I have left him there when I've gone back up to the house and only remembered he was there after a few hours of not seeing him in the house. The car keys rattle and he's sitting at the car door ready for a trip to wherever and if he sees his lead in my hand he is almost beside himself with excitement.
He has up to 50 tennis balls under the house (that's a very conservative estimate) cause when he gets tired of fetching the ball he takes it under the house for safe keeping. In fact all his toys are under there somewhere. He is pretty much one of the most important members of our family and has been for over 12 years.
One of his habits has been to go visiting the neighbours most days. He wanders up the road, drops in on Frank then continues up to Terry's to say hello to the dogs and horses up there. After a time he wanders home again. This has gone on for years and yesterday was no exception.
Unfortunately he left his walk a little late and just on dusk on his way home he was hit by a car. He managed to get up and make his way home and the poor man who hit him followed him back and came to the door to tell us. he was so upset and apologetic.
Of course it was out of office hours but our vet is wonderful and met us at the clinic. Rev has a broken leg. He was operated on today and his leg was pinned and wired. I'll pick him up tomorrow and bring him home to be confined in a small area for several weeks. That's going to be interesting. I called in and told the driver that Rev was going to be fine and he was so relieved. I'm just grateful that he stopped and did the right thing, many wouldn't.
Now we just have to get him well and hope that when he is well he won't continue his daily visits to the neighbours.



Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh poor pup! It must have been a fright for all of you. I'm glad he is going to be ok & I hope he's well again very soon...

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Fingers crossed Rev will be okay. I hope the boys cope without him hogging the! Best wishes, Jenny

simplestitches said...

Poor Rev!
I hope his leg mends quickly so he can resume his daily walks, but not on dusk....
hugs and pats,

Pieced Pastimes said...

Sending good wishes that Rev (love the name) has a speedy recovery. They are members of the family, aren't they!