Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lucky I kept this

Well once again I have proved that holding onto something because it may come in handy one day is what we should all aspire to. The Play Pen!!!! It was the best thing when my kids were little. I did my ironing in it, used my sewing machine in it, put the clothes airer in it to stop the little pets stripping it and multitudes of other useful things that very rarely involved putting a child in it. After sitting in the shed for nearly 16 years it has come out of retirement to be used as a convalescent pen. The Vet said we had to contain Rev in something as big as a Play Pen....perfect!!!!

Rev has to live in here for 6 weeks!!!! We have to put a lead on him,  carry him outside to do his business then carry him back in again. No jumping or running and a minimum of walking. He is not a happy chappy at all. It's going to be a long, long six weeks for all of us I think.
He has a pin in his leg and lots of stitches. With the cold snap here he is really feeling the cold on the bare bit too! I hope he is seriously thinking about the consequences of his actions about now.


crzylady said...

and people think "collecting" is a bad thing! Shows them. Poor little 'hing. He'll need a blankie of course.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh that loos a snuggly spot for his recovery. I loved the paypen, always used it, every single day!

rockriverstitches said...

awww I hope Rev is feeling better now.