Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuff in General

Yes I have been busy but that's not why I haven't posted for a while. I just haven't really had anything much to say. I can hear Chris cackling away at that , considering the phone call we had the other night...........!
The dog is improving, still not happy about the confinement but he is coping. We've been giving him frozen bones to keep him occupied and that seems to be doing the trick for now.
Last Sunday we had a day in Albury with my Daughter and her boyfriend. Lovely to catch up and do a bit (actually quite a bit) of shopping. Apart from updating my Winter wardrobe, we visited the Sunday Market and there was a lot of very tempting bits there. Thankfully I restrained my self and only came home with this...........
It doesn't have a bottom in it and there are quite a few 'bars' missing around the bottom but still a bargain at $8. My daughter got a small tatty old blue suitcase which when opened turned out to be a picnic set with 3 Thermos, plates, cups etc.
It really was a lovely day and something we should try and do more often as she is only an hour and a half away. Now the boys are complaining I should go spend a day with them.............four and a half hours travel to Bendigo is just a little bit too much I think!
A few weeks ago I got energetic and spent a day in the garden planting seedlings. I was given an old wheelbarrow and I have planted poppies and polyanthus in it. Ross did warn me to cover it up but I didn't listen and so far I have replanted half of it 5 times. Maggie my older cat thinks I put all that lovely easy dig soil in containers to be used as her private toilet! Anyway I went outside this morning and Ross had done this.....
With any luck that will give everything a chance to grow.
I had a couple of days off work this week cause I stepped off the veranda and twisted my ankle. It wasn't so bad I couldn't do things but wouldn't have coped very well walking around on a cement floor at work all day. I took the extra time to cover an old Rocker recliner I picked up in my travels. I used a very old piece of wool fabric I had been given ages ago and it has turned out really nice. Now I have to decide whether to leave it in the sewing room where I can sit in a sunny spot on a Winter's day and hand sew or put it in my bedroom. Also where I can sit in a sunny spot to read or maybe even nap.
Either way I will have to do a fair bit of re-arranging to get it in the right spot. Looking at the background of the photo I think the first job I do will be a bit of a tidy up of the sewing room!!!!!


Chris said... Truthfully though there wouldn't have been much left to say after our telephone chat on Friday night...I think we broke some sort of record!!

Love the birdcage and Ross's cat proofing...what a handy chappie he is to have around!...what does he charge to hire out his services per hour???...hmmm, although I reckon the drive to get here would be the deal breaker!!

All jokes aside...wish you lived closer...xxxxxx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Congrats on your great bird cage find! As for the chair, I think it is in a perfect spot.....when you sit in it, you can't see what's behind!!! Have a good week, Jenny