Thursday, June 17, 2010

Letty has a sister

I was supposed to have all day yesterday and today sewing. Well you know what happens when you have plans......I did get today in the room and thankfully I had everything sewn and cut out. The power went out just after lunch and stayed that way until 4.30. I sat in the gloom stuffing and painting and when I did need the sewing machine the power was back!!  If you have only just started reading my Blogs you may not realise I am a passionate hoarder/collector and in all that stuff I have  a Treadle sewing machine and a hand cranked machine which means sewing wouldn't have been a problem anyway. So, despite the power disappearing Letty's sister was born.

Meet Violet. She has the sweetest dress made from a vintage Apron with the original Ric-Rac. Her hair is plaited and tied with stained muslin. I am loving the way these dolls look and have several more drawn up ready to come to life in the coming weeks.
Now getting back to the Power. We are OK when the power goes off. I have a Combustion Stove and Gas stove for cooking, a wood heater to keep me warm. I can sew if needs be and we have battery powered lamps for light. If it is stinking hot we have the swimming pool or the Creek down the back. The only thing we don't have is water as it is pumped from the tank to the house. A friend of mine has all electric heating, cooking and pumped water so can't even make a cuppa while waiting for the lights to come on!!!! How much does having no Power affect you???


Little Ted Canvas said...

She is adorable! You have such an amazing talent!!

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Kinda hurts a bit when Murphy's Law nips you in the hind end!
Everytime I make plans it seems as though something happens!
Primitive gal's are survivers!
Way to go, shes really cute.

Chris said... I wonder why you chose the name Violet??...I bet it has more to do with your violet china fetish than the violet dress she is wearing doesn't it..??? be honest..coz I'll know if "your-a-fibbin"!!! xxx

Jackie said...

Thank You for your kind words about Violet!! and yes Primitive gal's are survivors but it would be nice if things went to plan sometimes.
Chris, there is no Fetish!!! Really Violet was named for the dress not my China, though I must admit my China did come to mind!! lol