Saturday, June 26, 2010

What sport do I play?

Reading all the blogs that I do I rarely find any reference to the sports that people play. They Craft, collect, care for the kids and do all sorts of interesting things. but do they play any sport???? Well this is my Sport. not extremely athletic I must admit but it is fun. I mix with people from 10 to well into their 80's who all enjoy their couple of hours on a Winter Monday night playing a game of Carpet Bowls. Each team consists of four players and one or two spares. My team has three women and one man with ages from almost 50 (yes I'm nearly there!!!) to just over 80. We don't really have too much to do with each other outside of Bowls but we get on really well together.  Our team has reached the middle of the ladder half way through the season which puts us in B grade. Last year we won the B Grade final and I suppose we can only aspire to getting in the Final again this year.  My 16 year old son, Beau has gathered some school mates and they have a team as well. This is their first year and they aren't doing too well but are having a ball. I was so relieved that when we played them we won!!! Can you imagine what it would have been like at home if we hadn't? It is really good for them to get out and mix with different age groups.
Last Monday night we played singles.  Poor Beau got absolutely annihilated !! I won my first game and was only just beaten in my second game by the lady who is now in the Singles final. I feel pretty good about that.
So what Sport do you Play?

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Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh carpet bowls is huge here! We have been meaning to get to a family night, sounds like heaps of fun!