Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soup Fest

This week has been one of not enough sewing but lots of other stuff. I was invited to display my Quilts at the Annual Soup Fest which is run by the Uniting church ladies every year. I've never been before and had no idea what to expect. I packed up some of my Quilts and set off for the Hall. Lots of lovely ladies and a few gentlemen buzzing about setting up tables, heating soup and doing whatever else they needed to do. I was given two tables to display my Quilts and when set up was urged by those lovely ladies to ' have some soup dear.' There were 13 different types of soups, lovely fresh bread and following that a cup of tea and slices. They did a lovely job. Unknown to me I was expected to stand up and give a little talk and little it was. I'm not very good at 'off the cuff' speeches.

I chatted to a few who had questions and packed up and headed home after a couple of hours. A very nice way to spend a Winter afternoon.
I found time yesterday to have a play in what was Dave's bedroom but is now my Spare bedroom I repacked the cupboards which are now full of all the kids stuff they still deem necessary to keep but don't want or need where they are now.It still needs a fresh coat of paint but that's for another day  Out in the shed were two old single bed heads that I had been thinking of using in here for a while. Cleaned up and at the head of the bed I'm not too sure they are what I want there.
                                                           What do you think??????


Quilary said...

I can't see the bed heads for being mesmerised by the wonderful quilt on the bed! It's gorgeous.

Chris said...

The quilts all look wonderful Jackie.....great job with the display!!!....and to think I have been friends with a celebrity all this time and didnt even know it!!!...LOL (wish I had been there for your "speech")

As for the bedheads....I am sure you will come up with something to your liking! xxx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

I love the quilt on the bed, Jackie....the bedheads do make a difference for the pic :) Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon at the SoupFest. Happy crafting, Jenny