Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bit Damp around here!!

The Road at the front of our house. It had receded a little at this stage.
The front lawn and drive became a little submerged and I think Gumboots might be needed to collect the mail!
I took the dogs for a walk down the paddock at the back to see how much the creek had come up. We lost the creek and gained a mighty river!!!
But what's that in the distance????
My son David and friends(sidekicks) decided to take advantage of all that water and do a little boating, Don't you love the outfits??
Errol (the one on the board) came back to report that they had extensively checked out the flooding and had only two reported deaths. A Turtle and a cow.  Boys!!! They are all about 20, so not really boys any more but they do know how to have fun!!
All this was at 4.30 this afternoon, we'd had 50ml of rain. Sadly it is still raining so tomorrow things will definitely be wetter.


Pam said...

Overall whites must be the fashion statement of growing males! lol.
That's an awful lot of water Jackie! You've definitely had some extremes down there in the past year haven't you? Also liking those wellies too. I always wanted a coloured pair. x

Chris said...

Gee-whiz that sure is wet Jackie!...and it looks like the boys were doing what they do best...having some good old fun!

Am loving the "goochie" figured you for a bright pink gal though.

Stay dry xxxx

Jackie said...

Pink gumboots mean they are there when I want them and not on the feet of one of the males that live here!

Burgundy Primettes said...

Love the gumboots Jackie, mine are similar! for the same reason you mentioned! My sons also wanted to ride our water lol...over this way the Campaspe & Murray Rivers are still rising!! fingers X the bus can take them to school? Sandra

Enchanted Moments said...

Wow, it is certainly wet isnt it...
Great photos....
Today the rain has stopped...for now....x

Quilary said...

I know it must be miserable with so much water around - but wow your photos are fantastic. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the waterlogged countryside.

Cherie said...

Love the wellies Jackie ;) Stay warm and safe!
Tell those boys to grow up and get inside now! Haven't they heard of the awful accidents that happen in flood waters when least expected and the people who risks their lives to rescue? Imagine if those suits filled with water ... Sorry to sound like a party pooper but better safe than sorry. Hugs, xo.