Thursday, September 9, 2010


We all celebrate milestone birthdays, the ones with an 0 on the end. Everyone makes a fuss of us and we groan as we realise we are getting older. As I near another of my milestone birthdays (not groaning because the alternative isn't that great really) I realise that as the eldest child I should be sharing the celebration with my Mum and Dad (if he was still with us)
Soon it will be 50 years since Joy and Dave  became parents.
50 years of caring and supporting that tiny little life changer even even when she became an adult with children of her own. If we celebrate all those momentous occasions in our life like marriage and birthdays then I think becoming a parent is probably one more we should add to the list.Having your first child is probably one of the most life changing experiences we ever go through!!!!
Not only have they been parents for 50 years, they have been Grandparents as well for 25 of those years.
Now we wait for the story to continue.......but in the meantime.
Congratulations and thank you for becoming parents 50 years ago. Thank You for all that you have done and all that you will probably do for me, my sister and brother and your grandchildren.


Pam said...

Lovely post Jackie. Really well written and showing the love you feel.
I'm sure they are/were both very proud of the person you grew up to be. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pam wholeheartedly, it is a beautiful post Jackie. We do tend to groan about our age as it rushes on, with out a thought for the two special people who gave us life, who have gone through all of our personal high and lows with us.
So have a wonderful 50th embrace it and congratulations to your special parents.

Sugar Pie said...

Well Jackie, I think Pam & Chris said it all beautifully. So Happy Birthday, I hope you have a really special day.
Take care,
Hugs Robyn xxxx

dee begg said...

I think as we age we gain a different perspective on life. No longer is there dread in celebrating another year cause it means we were here to share with our loved ones.

What a sweet tribute to your parents on the day 50 years later that they became parents.

Happy Birthday!


Jackie said...

Thank you for your Birthday wishes and give your parents a hug if you can!! xx

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Hi Jackie, I hope your parents see this post....lovely! Birthday wishes, Jenny

theoldboathouse said...

Beautiful post Jackie and the photos are wonderful....Happy Birthday my dear, cheers Katherine xx

Burgundy Primettes said...

Congrats Jackie, hope you have a wonderful 50th, no point hiding, just watch out for the huge sign being put up for all the see :-)) Sandra xox